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subota, siječanj 1, 2005




Free aviation simulator je odličan i besplatan simulator letenja. Arkadna igra koja Vas vraća u doba drugog svjetskog rata, na raspolaganju Vam je 25 raznih letjelica, poboljšana grafika, bolji frame rate! Posebnost igre su upravo modeli zrakoplova koji su kopirani iz crteža, dok sama igrivost i fizika igre garantiraju odličnu leteću zabavu za sve uzraste!



The Best PC Version of Risk Ever Created!

Risk: the Quintessential Game of Action, Strategy, and World Domination!

As a commanding general, guide your armies with honor and skill and you just might win the day. Your goal, of course, is simple: take over the entire world!

With Risk II, you can experience this wonderful game, one of the most popular board games of all time, like never before!

All the Addicting Fun of the Original With None of the Drawbacks

The official computer version of the Risk board game, Risk II is incredibly rich, detailed, and varied. It provides all the benefits of Risk plus a whole lot more, and none of its less enjoyable aspects.

Forget about long setup times, counting out armies, or keeping track of cards, because Risk II is a much quicker and smoother way to play. Here's one thing for sure: this ain't your daddy's Risk game!

Great Variety - Three Unique Game Modes!

Whether you're a fan of traditional Risk or might be looking for something new, you're in for a treat with Risk II!

  • With Classic Risk, play using the exact rules of the venerable board game. Battle with any of 16 computer-controlled generals, each with their own personality and characteristics. Available in any mode, you can face off against the best of the best, including Napoleon Bonaparte and the Duke of Wellington!
  • In the all-new Same Time Risk mode, there are no individual turns. Instead, each player draws up battle plans, and they are carried out simultaneously. It's a totally unique addition to the world of Risk!
  • Tournament Risk combines both modes in a series of increasingly challenging games with varied winning objectives.
With all these game modes, Risk II gives you a great blend of the old and the new!

The Gameplay in Risk II Provides Tons of Depth and Complexity

Just like you'd expect from a Risk game, Risk II includes lots of customizable rules and options designed to give you the very best gameplay possible!

  • In-depth tutorials familiarize you with the more intricate details of each style of play.
  • Change the game's winning objectives - Mission Risk, Capital Risk, or Domination - all your favorite ways to play are here!
  • Use diplomacy to make alliances with other players, but watch out or you could get back stabbed when you least expect it.
  • Risk II even comes with options to use completely new territories! Hawaii, the Philippines, Svalbard, the Falkland Islands, New Zealand - play with just one or two and the entire strategy of the game could be changed!

New and Improved Graphics and Animations!

The classic Risk board will be easily recognizable - it's reproduced crisply and clearly, and every detail is accurate to the original. For a new perspective, switch to globe view in which you see the world as if from outer space.

Yet another great feature of Risk II: battle animations! Every time your troops engage the enemy, you've got a front row seat as the camera will zoom in on the action and you'll actually see infantrymen, cavalrymen, and artillery cannon firing at each other from whatever territories happen to be the battleground at the time.

Great Multiplayer Options Complete Your Risk II Experience

Can't find anyone to play board game Risk with you? Get Risk II and you won't have to worry about that problem ever again!

Go up against a bunch of computer opponents, grab a friend for a hot seat game, or play friends over a local network. When you're ahead, laugh it up with the in-game chat feature!

All things considered, Risk II is truly one of the best video games of its kind you will ever find, bar none.

Game mode variety, gameplay options, great graphics and animations, multiplayer - Risk II has it all, so what are you waiting for? Get your campaign started today!

Risk 2 Game Features Include:

  • Mission Risk option - every team gets a defined mission that must be accomplished before winning the game
  • "Same-Time-Turn" mode - lets multiple armies and players attack the same territory at once
  • Classic map or Advanced map with added territories
  • Optional diplomacy and alliances
  • Optional 3-D world globe view
  • Single or multiplayer capability over a LAN (local area network) - play your friends!
  • In game chat - tell your friends how bad they are losing!

Risk 2 Full Version Features

  • Unlimited play on up to 5 computers - you own the game!
  • Instant activation so you can play right away with no additional downloads required if you have the trial installed!
  • No shipping, waiting or CD-ROM necessary.
  • 48-hour money back guarantee
  • You can play Mission Risk as well as the classic Risk game
  • You can play on the classic map OR advanced map with new territories. Experience different game types and use new strategies!
  • The game is rated very highly by both game experts and players alike!
  • You can play whenever you want without the need for 2 or more extra players
  • You can play other people on your computer or over a network
  • You can work on your strategies on your own and then clean house when you play the board game!




Drive 15 Authentic John Deere Rigs to Bale Hay, Plant Crops, Spray, Harvest and More!

Game Description

Get Behind the Wheel of Your Favorite John Deere Machines!

In John Deere: Drive Green, you're a farmer starting out with just a few assets: your own home and farm, a trusty utility tractor, a chisel plow, and your skills!

Complete jobs for other local farmers to earn coveted Deere Dollars, but don't neglect your own property. You'll need to balance the responsibilities and requirements of both to succeed.

Whether it's plowing, planting, spraying, or harvesting, no job is too big or too small for a John Deere driver!

An All-New Farming Simulation Game Unlike Any Other!

John Deere: Drive Green includes no less than 15 completely authentic John Deere machines, each one fully playable.

Box drill automated seed planter, CX20 mower, Gator TH 4x6 utility vehicle, 8530 Tractor - all of these and so much more! As you finish jobs for other farmers, the Deere Dollars you earn will allow you to purchase more vehicles and implements, until you've collected them all!

John Deere: Drive Green also comes with 15 unique jobs to complete, which start out easily and become more challenging as you move along.

Go from simple plowing and planting to pulling stumps, mowing delicate fairways, harvesting corn, and even creating crop advertisements! You're also free to work with your John Deere equipment on your own farm to your heart's desire!

Engaging Gameplay and Features Keep You Coming Back for More

For each job, an easy-to-read efficiency meter lets you know how well you're doing. Keep control of things, because the more efficient you are, the more Deere Dollars you earn, and the more Deere Dollars you earn, the more dependable John Deere equipment you can buy!

If you aren't satisfied with your score, go back and try the job again for a better one, because John Deere: Drive Green keeps track of the high score for each job. It'll have everyone competing for the best scores!

Hours of Fun for the Whole Family!

Trucks, trains, planes, automobiles -- children are fascinated by things that go, and that endearing characteristic holds true when it comes to John Deere: Drive Green, as well.

The wide variety of tractors, mowers, and enormous combines keeps things interesting for all involved, no matter what age! Those who've never experienced farm life can get a great first taste, while those who have can relive their fond memories from the comfort of their own home.

Graphics Which Immerse You in the Farming World of John Deere

The game's visual environments are created with care and knowledge of what a farm really looks like, and the results reflect this.

In particular, even veteran real-world farmers will be impressed by the detail and realism of each John Deere machine, in all its green and yellow glory!

Rigs You Can Use in John Deere Drive Green

  • Chisel plow
  • Box drill automated seed planter
  • Rotary mower for cutting hay
  • Air drill seed planter
  • CX20 mower
  • 458 hay baler
  • 630R Bean Head
  • X720 riding mower for mowing grass and weeds
  • Gator TH 6x4 utility vehicle for hauling & cruising around your farm
  • 81 hp, 275hp, & 500hp tractors for light, medium, and heavy duty jobs
  • 9860 STS Combine for general purpose harvesting
  • 4930 liquid sprayer
Time doesn't grow on trees for a farmer, so grab your work gloves and ball cap, jump on your John Deere, and download John Deere Drive Green to show 'em what you can do!

If you are looking for even more John Deere farming game fun, try out John Deere American Farmer!

John Deere Drive Green Full Version Features

  • Unlimited play on up to 5 computers - you own the game!
  • Instant activation so you can play right away with no additional downloads required if you have the trial installed!
  • No shipping, waiting or CD-ROM necessary.
  • 48-hour money back guarantee






Strategically Build and Manage an Army of Green Plastic Soldiers in their Critical War against the Tan Army!

Game Description

RTS Battles with Plastic Soldiers, Tanks, and More!

Army Men RTS brings your fantasy fights between plastic army guys to life (well, kind of) in a solid real time strategy game.

Your job is to lead Sarge and his band of bazooka men, grenadiers, machine gunners, flame throwers, and plastic military vehicles in a campaign to defeat the evil Tan army.

Like most RTS games, you build bases but instead of mining resources you use trucks to siphon off plastic and electricity from objects to make men and then build an army fit to defeat the rebels.

  • "Army Men RTS has hit on something -- it's serious, it's primal, it's wacky and it's fun, all at once. You get all the fun of RTS fundamentals combined with the kitsch appeal of plastic soldiers." - IGN
One of the best things about Army Men RTS is its faithfulness to bring the nostalgia of army toys into something you can really play and command.

Included are some great characters like Sarge, the commander and other hero fighters that join you on different missions. You can even build tanks, choppers, artillery, anti-aircraft, guard towers and alot more.

  • "Overall, Army Men: RTS does a good job of creating a real-time strategy game based on the classic line of plastic toys." - Gamespot

While playing Army Men RTS you will:

  • Have a blast commanding all the familiar army men types and vehicles you used to play with (or blow up with firecrackers like I did).
  • Be incredibly amused by the antics of the plastic toys and their serious battle determination.
  • Learn the game quickly through the Bootcamp tutorials
  • Be thoroughly entertained by the cutscenes between missions
  • Find even more great challenge playing people online with the multiplayer setting
  • Succeed in defeating the evil Tan army? Download it now and find out!

Army Men RTS Full Version Features

  • Unlimited play on up to 5 computers - you own the game!
  • Instant activation so you can play right away with no additional downloads required if you have the trial installed!
  • No shipping, waiting or CD-ROM necessary.
  • 48-hour money back guarantee





Create and Manage Your Own Successful Farm With Your Favorite John Deere Equipment!

Game Description

Ever wondered what it's like to live and work on a real farm?

Here's your best chance to find out! Already live on a farm or grew up on one? Here's your opportunity to relive all the best that the farming life has to offer!

In John Deere: American Farmer, you're the boss and everything depends on you. Plant crops, raise livestock, hire employees, and build barns. With this extremely realistic farming simulation, you create and manage your own farm with the ultimate goal of keeping it profitable and making

True to the real agricultural industry in every way!

John Deere: American Farmer isn't your run-of-the-mill farming simulation. Just like real farmers do, you face issues of market and price fluctuations, insects, droughts, soil quality, crop failures, the seasons, and so much more!

Can you make the most money specializing in raising cows and corn, or should you diversify your farm with sunflowers, soybeans, and hogs? Invest in "hobby" products like honey, and sell them at roadside stands. There are so many routes to be taken, you'll hardly know where to start!

Ten interesting scenarios challenge your agricultural skills

Through individual scenarios, John Deere: American Farmer presents you with a variety of specific problems to explore. Raise and sell 10,000 pigs to complete "Hog-Wild."

To beat "Fixer-Upper," repair a run-down farm and make it profitable again.

In "Golden Tuesday," stockpile a certain amount of grain to strike it rich when the time comes and commodity prices spike! Play each scenario on any of three difficulty levels to fit your farming expertise.

Seven other scenarios also await, but the farming fun doesn't stop there. Free play mode gives you no objectives at all and just lets you do whatever you want!

Simple and fun enough for aspiring farmers of all ages!

The game's interface is quick and easy to learn and use. You're presented with a bird's-eye overview of your farm, and you can zoom in on any part of it with a click of the mouse should problems arise.

The basics of John Deere: American Farmer are so simple that kids can learn them in a short time, but the game also includes enough depth and complexity for even the most serious farming enthusiast!

Purchase and operate authentic John Deere branded equipment

Of course, it wouldn't be a John Deere game without the finest quality agricultural machinery! John Deere: American Farmer lets you get behind the wheel of tractors, combines, planters, cultivators, and more, each with the familiar green and yellow John Deere paint job. Each machine is rendered in painstaking detail to be as true as possible to the real thing!

From the comfort of your own home, experience a taste of the same pleasant life in the countryside farming families have lived for generations, with one difference: John Deere: American Farmer lets you mold that experience into whatever you want it to be!

Other John Deere American Farmer Download Features

  • Plant crops, keep livestock, and build structures while responding to unexpected events like weather and financial markets
  • Purchase and control authentic John Deere branded equipment -- tractors, combines, planters, cultivators, and more
  • Ten diverse scenarios, each with three levels of difficulty
  • Overcome bug infestations, unpredictable weather, and disgruntled employees
  • Use the built-in Map Editor to create your own unique scenarios!

John Deere: American Farmer Full Version Features

  • Unlimited play on up to 5 computers - you own the game!
  • Instant activation so you can play right away with no additional downloads required if you have the trial installed!
  • No shipping, waiting or CD-ROM necessary.
  • 48-hour money back guarantee
  • Unlimited play; you own the game
  • Instant activation
  • No additional downloads
  • No shipping, waiting or CD-ROM necessary


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